Free Utah Bill of Sale

Reasons Why You Need a Utah Bill of Sale

Whether you are selling a used car or an old lawnmower, it is imperative to complete the sale knowing that the parties involved signed a dated document with their identification details, as well as the identification details of the item on sale.

You need a kind of invoice, a bill of sale, which is the document that will document the sale of your personal property in exchange for money, while transferring to the buyer the ownership rights and obligations for the personal property.

A bill of sale is legally recognized, and some departments like Utah's department of motor vehicles may need this document to register the asset under the seller's name. As a legal document, it provides substantive evidence in court should a dispute arise.

In the bill of sale (BOS), two parties are recognized, the seller and the buyer. In Utah, the BOS should have the full and the legal identification details of the seller and the buyer, and their signatures too. While dated signatures of the seller and the buyer must be present in the BOS for its validity, the document may or may not require notarization.

The seller draws the BOS. All you need to do is to download our free bill of sale form in Utah.

Which type of BOS will you need in Utah?

  • To determine the type of BOS, look at what you are buying. Often, if you are selling a large piece of great value like a car or watercraft, you will need a BOS specific to that item. On the other hand, if you are selling smaller items like use home or office furniture, you will have to use a general BOS.

    • Why do you need a general BOS?

Though you no longer need that television, furniture, laptop, or jewelry, or if you are selling off that item for extra money, you need to register the sale, not only because you like to keep records of every transaction in your life but also because the BOS could serve as evidence in the court.

So, ask the buyer for their identification details like the name and physical address and also put down your details. You also need to make sure the BOS has the date that it came to life.

A description of the item on sale will also come in handy - indicate the item's make, model, registration or serial number (if any), the material, size, and color.

Even when selling cheap items, take time to note down the details: it is a free Utah bill of sale form anyway!

The selling price as agreed by the parties should be listed. If the seller and the buyer agree to a trade, the information of the traded item must be in the BOS. And, for a seller gifting the 'buyer,' the BOS should capture this if possible establish the relationship of the parties.

Also, note down the date the buyer pays for the item.

  • Since notarization of this BOS is not mandatory, the seller and the buyer only need to sign the BOS and indicate this date.

    • When should you get a BOS for a motorcycle?

If you are looking for extra money, you're decluttering, or you just need to get away with your motorcycle and forego all obligations and responsibilities that come with owning a BOS, then you may want to hand over the ownership of the motorcycle using a bill of sale.

This BOS will record your name and the name of the interested buyer, your addresses, and driver's license numbers. It will also have the cost of the motorcycle. The description will be in there too: write down the odometer reading, the color, size, shape, weight, make, year, manufacturer, horsepower, fuel types, and any other details unique to the motorcycle.

Indicate the type of transaction - cash sale, trade, or gift and note the date the buyer pays for the motorcycle.

  • At the end of the document, you and the buyer should sign the BOS and date. You may date and sign the BOS in front of the notary public.

    • Getting a BOS for a motor vehicle

With the name and address of the buyer and seller entered, proceed to enter the purchase price for the vehicle, the type of transaction parties are in, and the dates (creation and payment). Describe the vehicle using its make, model, year, color, VIN, color, and the odometer reading. Go a step further and highlight the flaws of the vehicle in the seller's disclosure.

After you agree to the sale, seller and buyer should date and sign the BOS. We recommend signing the BOS at the notary public.

What are you selling? Our Utah bill of sale forms will meet all your needs and protect your honor.