Tips You Need To Know About Vehicle Bill of Sale

Vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that authenticates the transfer of a vehicle from the owner to the buyer. In some States Laws, in the US, it is very important to get a vehicle bill of sale in order to prevent any unnecessary future occurrence.

Getting a vehicle bill of sale is not as tedious as it seems. In fact, you can create one as a seller. However, that may vary, most especially when you don’t know how and where to get it.

  • Below are tips you can make use of when looking for a vehicle bill of sale.

    Get It Done Quickly

    Even though a vehicle bill of sale is enough proof of the transaction, it is equally important to get it done as soon as possible. Currently, there are numerous websites that offer such services. This will add a touch of legal binding to it. Should any issue arises in the future, you have it documented legally.

  • The Content

    Whether you are buying or selling an asset, it is important to take note of the content of the bill. A vehicle bill of sale is expected to be informative enough for a third party to comprehend the transaction. Some vital information that supposes to be there include

    • When the sale occurs
    • The buyer’s and seller’s addresses
    • Where the sale occurs
    • The price of the vehicle
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • Signatures of the parties involved
    • Evidence of warranty
    • Vehicle description including odometer reading, color, model, shape, tire size, etc.
    • Registration Number
    • License Number etc.

Vehicle Bill of Sale is expected to act as a receipt for the transaction. This will enable both the seller and the buyer to be at peace. The bill is also a marker of an effective and efficient transaction.

To get your free template vehicle bill of sale online, visit and you will be happy you did. You may download bill of sale for Alabama, Nevada, Virginia or for any other US state here.