Marital Separation Agreement
What is a Marital Separation Agreement and How is It used? A Marital Separation Agreement is a legally-binding document that outlines how you and your marital partner will divide marital finances and family responsibilities more
California Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation in California In California, the process for Legal Separation and Divorce are exactly the same. Some couples decide to live separate and apart, but prefer their marital status remains “legally married.” Legal more
Alabama Marital Separation Agreement
How is Legal Separation Different from Divorce in Alabama? There is usually confusion between legal separation and divorce. In the Alabama Code Sections 3-2-4, the law states that “A legal separation is a court more
Arizona Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation Agreement Provisions in Arizona Separating couples are required to voluntarily enter into a Marital Separation Agreement in Arizona. The Separation Agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party during the separation, more
Arkansas Marital Separation Agreement
Divorce and Marital Separation in Arkansas Arkansas family law typically gives room for three options for marital separation—absolute divorce, limited divorce, and legal separation—which one you choose will depend on whether you plan to more
Colorado Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation in Colorado The alternative to a divorce or marriage annulment in Colorado is legal separation. It shares similarities with divorce in that it works out child custody, maintenance, the division of assets more
Connecticut Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation as per Connecticut Law Legal Separation is recognized in the state of Connecticut as an alternative to/or preceding a divorce. Couples in the state of Connecticut experiencing marital problems, who wish to more
Florida Marital Separation Agreement
Marital Separation in Florida Most married couples want to give their marriage their best to see whether they can work things out before calling it quits. It could be you have kids and would more
Hawaii Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation and Divorce in Hawaii The state of Hawaii recognizes legal separation, also known as a bed and board decree, but it limits it to 2 years. After this period, the court order more
Illinois Marital Separation Agreement
Are Legal Separations Recognized in Illinois? The state of Illinois recognizes and provides for legal separation, but this option it is hardly taken by most. Legal separation is similar to divorce in many ways more
Indiana Marital Separation Agreement
What Indiana Law Says About Legal Separation Legal separation is allowed and recognized in Indiana. In most cases, litigants will use it to protect marital property in the case of substance abusing partners. In more
Iowa Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation in Iowa In Iowa, legal separation is recognized due to a few main reasons, such as health insurance. If a couple is covered under the same coverage, a divorce may leave more
Kansas Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation, Separation, and Divorce in Kansas In Kansas, there are three primary marital actions that can be taken by couples who have issues in their union. Legal separation Also called ‘separate maintenance,’ this more
Kentucky Marital Separation Agreement
Is Legal Separation Recognized in Kentucky? In Kentucky, legal separation is similar to divorce, except for the final product. When two people want to take a break from their marital obligations but are more
Louisiana Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation Agreements in Louisiana For traditional marriages, Louisiana law requires that a couple filing for divorce must live separate and apart for at least 8 days, before a divorce can be granted. more
Maine Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation vs. Divorce In Maine No one ever gets married with the intention of getting divorced. Everyone hopes that their marriage can weather all storms and they will spend the rest of their more
Maryland Marital Separation Agreement
Is Marital Settlement Agreement the one last Hail Mary? It works until it doesn’t. If yours started as the dream marriage but, it is now getting sour, and you don’t want to cause more
Michigan Marital Separation Agreement
Marital Separation in Michigan Legal separation has always been that one last card you can pull from the back pocket saving marriages from becoming war fronts. But, what happens when you are from the more
Minnesota Marital Separation Agreement
Marital Separation in Minnesota Societal expectations, stature, and religious beliefs are the main determinants to the question, ‘Do you want a divorce or a legal separation?’ In the state of Minnesota, there more
Missouri Marital Separation Agreement
Marital Separation in Missouri The Marital Separation Agreement in Missouri is what couples opt for when they feel like their marriages can still be salvaged though, at the moment of the application; there more
Nevada Marital Separation Agreement
Separate Maintenance and Legal Separation in Nevada What do you do when your marriage hits the rocks? Is there an alternative to a divorce? Is there a provision in the Nevada family law that more
New Hampshire Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation Laws in New Hampshire In New Hampshire, there are favorable laws that allow couples breathing space when they aren’t sure about the fate of their marriages. The provision may help the couple more
Ohio Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation in Ohio Which is the best way to end your marriage? When you try everything you can to salvage your marriage, and you feel that you are out of breath, you can get more
Oklahoma Marital Separation Agreement
Marital Separation Agreement Oklahoma Sometimes, all your marriage needs is a clean break from each other and all the little things that are making things harder. That pause button that you badly need comes more
Oregon Marital Separation Agreement
Understanding Oregon Marital Separation Unfortunately, there are several instances where ‘For better or for worse’ doesn’t hold ground. But, even then, it doesn’t mean that you should end things on a bad note. If more
Tennessee Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation in Tennessee Is there an option lying somewhere between being married and getting divorced? If you keep fighting and you think that maybe, getting time apart will help you resolve your issues, more
Texas Marital Separation Agreement
Everything You Need to Know About the Marital Separation Agreement in Texas At some point, the flame dies out, and maybe the fire (love) turns cold – it may need rekindling or not. While more
Utah Marital Separation Agreement
Temporary Separation in Utah The family law court in Utah allows couples to file for a temporary separation when they need time and space to work on their marriage and/or consider divorce. In Utah, more
Virginia Marital Separation Agreement
Legal Separation, Separation Agreement, and Divorce in The State of Virginia In between marriage and divorce is legal separation, but, this ‘middle ground’ doesn’t exist in the state of Virginia. Unlike most states, persons more
Wisconsin Marital Separation Agreement
Marital Separation Agreement in Wisconsin Legal separation is your ticket out of marriage termination or a literal divorce. It is almost like a divorce, but it doesn’t lead to the dissolution of the marriage. In more