Bill of Sale
Why Use a Bill of Sale Form? A Bill of Sale (BOS) is a legal document that serves as proof of sale or transfer of ownership of personal property from one party to more
Alabama Bill of Sale
Alabama Bill of Sale What Is It? If you’ve ever had to sale a piece of your property, a car, puppy, horse or a boat, you’ve heard of bills of sales, right? To answer more
Alaska Bill of Sale
Bill of Sale Alaska The level of trust you have for your friend or neighbor notwithstanding, you need to document every sale or purchase of a property. The document legally recognized to document the more
Arizona Bill of Sale
Bill of Sale Arizona No one likes to be on the wrong side of the law. And even worse, no one wishes to be accused of wrongdoing when they are innocent. Unfortunately, most people more
Arkansas Bill of Sale
Bill of Sale Arkansas Do you think it’s finally time to sell that old car or boat that hasn’t been doing much lately? Besides extra cash in the bank, you may finally get capital more
California Bill of Sale
Bill of Sale California You can never be too careful. And while it would seem like an extreme move to ask for or issue a document serving as proof of a trade or a more
Colorado Bill of Sale
Bill of sale Colorado What is a bill of sale? A bill of sale (BOS) refers to a legal document that proves the transfer of ownership over an asset from a seller to more
Connecticut Bill of Sale
Bill of Sale Connecticut A Bill of Sale Form is also known as: Proof of Purchase Proof of Sale Proof of Payment Bill of Sale Sales Receipt Sales Slip Why Use a Bill of Sale Form in Connecticut? A Bill of Sale (BOS) more
Delaware Bill of Sale
Imagine buying a used car or a gun and taking it in your possession only to be told that the ownership of the car didn’t transfer hands legally. And, having bought the car more
Florida Bill of Sale
Whether you are selling your old motorcycle, aircraft, autos, gun, or watercraft, you need to record the trade or the transaction; even if you’re gifting your child with one of these expensive assets. And, more
Georgia Bill of Sale
What is a bill of sale (BOS)? It's a legally recognized document which transfers the ownership of an asset from a seller to a buyer. It mostly applies to used watercraft, motorcycles, motor vehicles, more
Hawaii Bill of Sale
Bill of Sale Hawaii To protect your interests in an asset or property, you must have the details of the transactions and the proof of the asset transfer in paper. And, not just more
Illinois Bill of Sale
How Will a Bil of Sale in Illinois Protect Your Interest in Property? A bill of sale, a document that has been used for centuries to process the sale of branded animals like horses more
Indiana Bill of Sale
How to Protect Your Interests in Property Using a Bill of Sale in Indiana Even though you know each other too well, you need to protect yourself from liability when selling more
Kansas Bill of Sale
What Does the Kansas Bill of Sale Do? A bill of sale is the legal document that transfers the ownership of a valuable, small or large personal property from one party to another. more
Kentucky Bill of Sale
How is the Kentucky Bill of Sale the Happy Bridge Between a Seller and a Buyer? Don't you want to sell your personal property legally to avoid legal setbacks later on or false accusations? more
Louisiana Bill of Sale
Protection of Your Ownerships Rights and Interests with a Louisiana Bill of Sale It doesn't get better than this: you buy a used car, and by signing a completed free bill of sale form more
Maine Bill of Sale
A Peek into Types of Bill of Sale in Maine If you have been looking for a document which proves that you sold an asset to your friend, sibling, or acquaintance, a document which more
Massachusetts Bill of Sale
How A Bill of Sale in Massachusetts Will Help You Document and Prove the Small and Big Property Sales When was the last time you bought a used asset from someone you knew? Whether more
Washington Bill of Sale
What is in a Washington Bill of Sale? A Bill of sale refers to the document used to transfer the ownership rights and obligations for an asset from a seller to an interested buyer. more
West Virginia Bill of Sale
Why Do You Need a Bill of Sale in West Virginia? A bill of sale refers to the legal document that proves the occurrence of a sale between two private individuals or entities and more
Wisconsin Bill of Sale
Step by Step Guide for Creating a Bill of Sale in Wisconsin What are you selling today? The mere fact that you are reading this article tells us that you value yourself and you wouldn' more
Wyoming Bill of Sale
What Makes a Bill of Sale in Wyoming Valid? If interested in selling a used car, a jet ski, lawnmower, a snowmobile, a boat, jewelry, furniture, or even a horse in the state of Wyoming, more
Washington DC Bill of Sale
The Importance of the Bill of Sale in Washington DC If you have been wondering where and how to sell that car or that furniture as you gear up for that big change more